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Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, who am I ? I know I have!

Who am I? I am who God says I am. You are who God says you are.

My first thought when I heard this was: If I am who God says I am, then, who does God say I am? Makes sense.

Who does God say I am?

God created us in His image. He knows us better than anyone else. He was the One who gave us our gifts, talents, abilities, and personality.

Here are some of the things God says we are:

Fearless. Unique. Blessed. Confident. Creative. Accepted. Purposeful. Loved. Called. Rich. Anointed. Mighty. Holy. Saved. Generous. Beautiful. Forgiven. Favored. Joyful. Compassionate. Righteous. Chic. Prosperous. Healed. Anointed. Restored. Positioned. Successful. Alive. Free.

It’s very hard to believe someone you hardly know or trust. To discover (get a real grip!) of who God says you are, you will need to spend time with Him. Get to know Him. Learn how He thinks, who He is for yourself!

Having an intimate relationship with God will take you to the answers you are looking for.

My intimate relationship with God has become the most amazing adventure I could ever imagine. Life with God is unpredictable! So many things to discover… about Him, about life, about myself!

As you discover who you are, you will learn to walk with God and enjoy a new beautiful life with Him, through Him and for Him.

God has great assignments specially designed for you.


Be mighty and stay empowered by your union with Him. Your strength comes from the Lord.
— From Ephesians 6:10


Stay continually infused with spiritual strength, encouraged every day. Be who God made you to be. Revelation leads to transformation! You may or may not feel, think, act or talk like some of the things God says you are. But when you allow God to get involved in your life, things change! Spending time knowing who God is, how He thinks will lead you to transformation. God’s transformation becomes permanent.


To be mighty is to be strong, confident and free.

To be empowered means to have authority, to have the power to participate... to do 'something'... 

Knowing who you are, the way God made you, makes that 'something' to be uniquely specific to you.

God's purpose for your life is full of opportunities, adventures, and possibilities beyond your imagination. 

With God all things are possible. When you allow God to get involved in your life, things change, and the transformation is permanent!
— Christina Cento

Knowing what God created you to be (and do!) takes life onto a different dimension. It becomes one of your main reasons for living.

God made you, He knows you way better than you know yourself!

Knowing who God is, and what He says about you are key to be mighty and have a life full of love, joy, health, prosperity and more.



What's your purpose? Your purpose is connected to God's purpose. He created you for an adventure on purpose, a life specially designed for you.

God made you in His image, mighty, capable to do amazing things. Life is short! Discover, develop and live your purpose and the assignments that God has for you.

... I pray that the eyes of your heart [the very center and core of your being] may be enlightened [flooded with light by the Holy Spirit], so that you will know and cherish the hope [the divine guarantee, the confident expectation] to which He has called you...
— From Ephesians 1:18 AMP