We love people. We love how God made us all so different. We think women are special and amazing. Aren't we a very interesting troop?

God, with His awesome sense of humor, made us!

It's exciting to see the uniqueness of God in us. We want to see as many women as possible come to Jesus, and encounter the kind of transformation that leads to their best life ever!



We believe in God The Father, The Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

We believe by faith.

We believe Jesus gave His life for us the day He died on the Cross.

Because of what He accomplished with His resurrection our sins are forgiven, and we have eternal life.

We believe our greatest adventure starts when we repent of our sins and give our hearts to Jesus.

Once that is done, we are spiritually alive, and the transformation goes on...



We believe that the stories we bring are unique.

They are wonderful recollections or makeovers of us women who came to a place in life where we realized how much we need to be transformed- become more mighty and chic every day.

Our stories are of women from all walks of life - how we do what we do, why we do what we do and what we do to stay on course and be used by God.

You will experience our challenges of change and the occurrences involved in the process of reinventing ourselves.

You will find yourself encouraged, empowered, full of faith and hope.