Knowing what colors look best on you will help you define your style. Making intentional wardrobe color choices can make your eyes, hair and skin tone look amazing - instead of dull or tired, it can make you look radiant and fresh. This test is a next step to discovering more of you. You are God's agent/ambassador, the way you think – talk – act and look really matters.



After much work and research, we came to the conclusion that finding your perfect colors could be quite a difficult task. There are so many variations to consider: hair, eye color, skin color, if you have cool or warm undertones, and also your personality and mood! With this test, we made our best effort to help you find your best colors -or at least get you very close to them! Finding your best colors is not an exact science, but it's totally worth the time and effort when you see results!

The test will take you approximately 5 minutes.

Other helpful resources for your journey:
Book: Color Me Beautiful's Looking Your Best by Mary Spillane and Christine Sherlock. (link)
Book: Color Revival: Understanding the 12 Season Color Analysis System by Laura Alexander. (link)
Book: Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful by JoAnne Richmond.
Book: Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson (although you may find more up-to-date- information out there, Mrs. Carole was the first color analysis author and the pioneer of what we have today in color analysis.)