The Bible includes other Gifts or Abilities in Ephesians 4:11. We call them the “Spiritual Careers”. God has called us to serve, minister, be fully equipped and build the body of Christ (the church). Zoom in, you might find yourself in one or more of these “careers”.

11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,
— Ephesians 4:11 NKJV

You’ve got your own role to fulfill in God’s plan and purpose! It’s time to be part of His plan and not just your own plan or the “whatever happens plan”. 

God’s plan is The Plan! He has selected you as part of His “executive team” for the most important, incredibly clever and way bigger than you can imagine job!

Someone (humanly speaking) has to act, speak, and move on His behalf. That’s the reason for giving you those skills, talents, gifts and abilities so He can use you.

The discovery and development process prepares you for employment and deployment. You are here to rule and reign in this world, and in “your” world!



The Apostle is he who establishes and builds churches. He more likely can operate in most or all of the “Spiritual Careers”. He cares for the growth of the church, defends the truth of the Gospel and sets up pastors to take over. This calling (anointing) is unique. Are you called to establish or plant a church? Are you missionary minded? Will you go out to the nations?

The Prophet speaks forth God's Word. He is considered to be God's mouthpiece. He encourages others when he speaks and can sometimes speak in future tense (a prediction). A prophet can also carry a word of warning or discipline. Are you okay if you are not to be liked all the time? Can you handle times and seasons of being alone? Do you spend time in prayer for others (not just people but nations, government, etc.)? Are you more concerned with what God thinks than with what people think?

You can ask the Holy Spirit to help you find someone (a mentor) with the gift of prophecy to learn, develop and use the gift even more.

The Evangelist brings the Gospel of the Good News to unbelievers. He uses “creative” ways to bring people to know Jesus and into the body of Christ. Do you find yourself speaking to others about Jesus, leading them to the Lord? Can you see yourself using alternative ways to reach out to the lost at local, state, national and international levels? This is a perfect opportunity for team efforts and “mixing and matching”!



The Pastor is the overseer or shepherd of God's people (like King David!). He guides and helps them to grow and mature in Christ. A pastor is usually a teacher also. He cares for people and nurtures them with compassion. Can you support others in a compassionate way? Are you relationship oriented? Is your desire to develop and foster families? Can you teach? Do you wish to see the church and your community come together?


The Teacher lays the foundations of God's Word. They love to search the truth. They go about it with precision and detail. Do you like researching things? Studying the Word of God? Do you get inspired when you teach others? Can you “deliver the goods”? Can you find ways to show from the Word of God how to walk a godly life?

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