Discovering your purpose will connect you into your assignments.

YOUR ASSIGNMENTS [Purpose in Action]

How is God going to use you? What mission(s) does He have for you?  What are my God-assignments? It’s time for you to take your position and do great works on God’s behalf here on earth. 

You are truly one of His agents, an ambassador.

Your purpose (why you were made) is to advance God's Kingdom and glorify Him in everything you do through unique assignments.


Now, let me tell you that you have been chosen; you are already pre-qualified. Your destiny is good.

There is nothing too hard or too big for God to do through you.

Your purpose will inspire a vision and a mission that will provoke a foreseeable plan of action with strategies that meet specific, timely goals. 

God has provided the wisdom, help and counsel you need through the Holy Spirit in order for you to succeed.


Someone once said, “In order to have it, you have to see it first!” That's a life changing statement.

The Holy Spirit will show you – ask Him to let you ‘see’ with spiritual eyes His intentions for your life (your purpose).

He will reveal to you the vision for the mission you will accomplish for Him.

You were made to be and do mighty things in a very unique way to advance God’s Kingdom and to glorify Him.

If the vision that you have does not stretch you … it’s probably not a revelation from God.

Think about that! God thinks BIG! Allow God to expand your thinking: “…to have you think extremely abundantly, above all you can envision or imagine.”




Discovering who you are in Christ and believing it, will enable you to understand the authority you have to stand against daily adversity and the enemy.

Being mighty in the spirit will prevent you from failing or quitting the assignments God has for you.


Developing your skill, talents, gifts and abilities will prepare you to take action. 

Sometimes it looks like the skills or talents you have, what you are using in your line of work, or what you have studied has no use in God’s Kingdom.

We are not saying that everything you have as an ability or skill directly has something to do with your God-assignments.

What we are saying is that God doesn’t waste anything.


At some point (now would be a good time) you will have to surrender your will, mind, body and emotions to the Lord so He can use you to the degree He wants to in the assignments of this adventure on purpose. 

How is God going to use you? What mission(s) does He have for you?

What are your God-assignments?

You were made to be and do mighty things in a very unique way to advance God's Kingdom and to glorify Him.

You are called, positioned and empowered to bring the Good News of salvation, heal the sick, bring hope and fulfill every assignments God has appointed for you.

Use all that you have discovered and developed to propel you to take action. It's time to write your vision, get to the mission, and create a plan of action. God will order your steps and opens doors for you. Trust Him, you have His mercy and favor upon you.


Stay connected to your purpose. Continue learning more about God’s plan of action and assignments through our blog messages.