VIDEO Discover a very simple way (one of my favorites!) on how to connect with God. This video and free guide will help you connect with God in a simple, quick, intimate way. It's a great way to learn how to journal, study the Bible, and have a conversation with God that feels personal and real.

No matter if you already journal, you’ve never journaled before, or you’ve had a bad experience with journaling. I believe this way of connecting with God will inspire and empower you. Try it!

By the way, I have been doing this for many years, it is part of my morning rituals (routine). I also do other exciting things in my quiet (actually, not so quiet) time with God. What are other things I do? Praise + Worship, Prayer Declarations, Meditation, Singing, Dancing, and much more.

Maybe not all of them on the same day 🤓. Here are a few things why I love it:

My intimate time with God is not boring. I ask a lot of questions to God, this gets me in “expecting mode” to receive His answers.

My conversations with God feel personal, alive, and more dynamic.

It helps me to focus my thinking. I feel like my mind is more organized.

It’s one proven way that my soul (mind, will, and emotions) see transformation. Of course, I know the Word of God transforms the mind. [1] Journaling and Bible study helps to stay engage in the transformation, seeing change in our lives.

Of course, this is just the way I do it. We are all different, you will find your own personal way to connect with God as you go. Feel free to do it any way you want! 🌺

[1] See Romans 12:2



1. Pray: Get in position to receive. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you – to show you what He wants you to know and understand today. Be ready! With great expectations to connect with God and to have an awesome Journal Adventure.

2. Write the Date, Time, and Location, the place you are at the moment you are writing the journal entry.

3. Write any important or Special Information, or specific(s) happening during that day.

4. Write any Personal Notes: The short (anyone can read it!) version.

5. Choose one of these:

  • Use the S.O.A.P. Bible Study Journal w/Yearly Reading Plan. Best option, especially for beginners.

  • Open to the Proverb of the Day: Use the date number that correlates with the Proverb number. Example: If today is May 2, then read on Proverbs 2.

  • Open your Bible, start reading somewhere.

  • Use a Devotional: (See example in the video).

6. Read on! Pay attention. Look for an “Enlightening Pause.” It’s just a place where you sense the Holy Spirit is talking to you. Or something that grabs your attention. It sort of pops out of the page". I feel like there might be a reason to stop there. Hang there for a bit! The conversation already started!

7. Write it down! Write and study the verse(s). Write your thoughts about what you read. Write what you sense the Holy Spirit is saying to you.

8. Look up the verse(s) in other Bible versions. Use the Blue Letter Bible to find definitions or additional information about that scripture(s). Write your findings! Look for verse references that talk about the same topic or use the same words of the enlightened verse(s).

9. End your journaling session with a prayer that thanks the Holy Spirit for helping you learn, understand, and remember those things you had a conversation today. Finish with “Holy Spirit, I receive your Word, hide it in my heart. Let it transform my mind, will, and emotions. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

10. Take Action! Live what you learn. Fight the fight of faith. Have fun!