Today is one of those days that it is supposed to be ok to be tricked. As April Fool Day is supposed to be full of pranks, jokes, and fake reports!

What if you and I have an enemy that wants to trick (deceive) us.

I think that there are many times the enemy tries to play us, using people’s attitudes, problems, and situations to create fake reports and confusion in our lives.

A good soldier knows his enemy!

I think he is quite afraid of us getting smart about the difference between tricks and pranks (the facts of this world and life) and the Truth (God’s Word).


His lies can fool us. He comes with fear, frustration, disappointment, among other things. If we are not careful, we could fall into one of his not so funny jokes.

The more I learn about God’s promises and how He does what He does. I realize that there are lies I’ve believed, falling into one or more of the enemy's pranks.

Many times we react to the fact. Instead of allowing the Truth to set us free!

Today is a great day to be reminded of who we are in Christ and how mighty we are.

The last thing we want to hear is "Got you!" As silly pranks (thoughts and signals) from the enemy make an impact on our mind, will, and emotions.

Staying ready, wide-awake with the alert antennas up is wise. Our faith can be stretched, put to the test at any given time.

Negative reports and notifications try to make us stressed, fearful and desperate. If we are not careful, these tricks of the enemy can make us jump into wrong conclusions.

The 'What if' 'Oh! No!' 'What now?' that comes from disappointments and problems could make us doubt God’s goodness.

They can make us feel strangely hopeless while we have some faith is still in operation.

Doubt and unbelief can speak so loud, making us forget what God has already done for us. Making pretenses on how things are not going to be well.

We could foolishly think that because these 'pranks' might be facts, they are the truth. There is a big difference between the fact and the Truth.



Let's say you are at the doctor’s office, and he hands you his report. According to him, it has bad news.

I’ve been there! I've heard the doctor tell me how he thinks my story is going to end.

For a micro-moment you go into a funk – at least I did then!

In my mind, the report almost sounded like a joke. I could not believe it.

At that moment, I had to ask myself the question: 'Who and what am I going to believe?' The doctor's report or the truth of the matter – God’s promises for me (God's report!).

I'm not saying that going to the doctor is bad. To me, God uses doctor and medicine as another way He can choose to heal.

Yet, there are two conflicting reports. I know what the doctor said, I do know what God says about it too!

… By His stripes, I am healed.” That means Jesus took care of it at the Cross, and I have to choose to stand on God's Word until I see the breakthrough.

Don’t let doubt ruin the demonstration of the Truth in your life.

Again, That does not mean that I will completely discard the knowledge and suggestions that the doctor brings to the situation.

God could choose to use medicine, and many other ways to heal you or me.

You see, doubt and unbelief ruin the demonstration of the Truth in our life.

If we would only believe what God says and not what we think, hear or see.

Jesus took it (literally); His stripes took care of every bad report, every pain, sickness, and disorder – all of it!

When we remind ourselves of who we are in Christ and renew our minds continually with the Word of God, our perspective on things makes a shift.

We get empowered! Situations, problems, sickness can come against us and stretch our faith. But we know better!

  • We can stop what's trying to kill us!

  • We can silence the thoughts trying to cause emotional distress or depression.

  • We can rule over our thoughts and tell our feelings how to feel.

  • We can stand up against 'the pranks' of this life and see the breakthrough.


It is also at moments like these, when the 'pranks' and 'not-so-funny jokes' can trick us into saying things we don’t want to. What we say has power… what we say creates; it has positive or negative consequences. We are mighty women, our lips are a weapon!


USE GOD'S WORDS [ to create ]
SPEAK UP!  EMPOWER A DECLARATION [ speak it out loud ]
SPEAK UP!  A STATEMENT [ a positive promise from God ] 



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