The excuse that I don’t have time for me is running out! Laura, my youngest is about to turn 2, and Luke is now 3 years old. I need a makeover!
— Liz R.


I love it when I find someone who is looking for change. Meet Liz. I ran into her just when she ran out of excuses!

She said to me, “My excuse that I don't have time for me is running out! Laura, my youngest is about to turn 2, and Luke is now 3 years old. I need a makeover!

Liz is not alone on this! We all need a makeover in some point in life. We all have an area (or two!) that needs change.

As God’s girls, we need to be prepared inside and out for the purpose and calling God has for us.

Just like Liz, we all need who is finding our beauty. A makeover is one good way to spark your inspiration and jump-start change.

Liz is a brave woman. This girl rocks! As she goes to the process of learning how to be mighty, sh also embraced how to get her chic (unique) look!

She is a wife and a mom of two very young children. You can only imagine how busy her life is on a daily basis. The kid's naptime is one of the highlights of her day!

At one of our meetings, I suggested Liz to ask the Holy Spirit for a verse (bible scripture) that would affirm why she wanted to go ahead with a makeover.

As we began discussing the actual makeover, I suggested she should cut her hair shorter and go more blonde.

Her initial reaction was "No way! I haven't had short hair since that horrible bob in eighth grade! 

I love my long hair. I feel safe with my long hair, I feel I can hide behind my long hair..."



After some sessions on discovering who she is in Christ, the Holy Spirit started to deal with low self-esteem and her insecurities. No matter how much we want to change our outside appearance, if the change doesn't start in the inside, the outside makeover will not last! 

Here is the verse God gave her for the makeover:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
— 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

I think it's brilliant how God confirms and brings revelation through His Word. In some areas Liz had been holding on to her old self.

She was still wearing her maternity fashion clothes since they were part of the old comfort zone and somewhat enabled her not to embrace exercise or a restructure in her diet. But all that change too!

New beginnings for Liz and her family! A new season full of exciting (and some challenging) choices.

Oh! God doesn't waste anything. He can turn situations and circumstances into great stories of grace and success.

Will you dare to be mighty and chic? Allow God to rewrite your story.

I hope this makeover story inspires you to take the challenge and find out what new adventure God has for you?




  • HairCut - The short modern bob for movement and fun!

  • Highlights - Full top blonde w/ low-lights and light brown underneath (back).

  • Long Bangs - Keeping the side cut bangs away from the face but being long enough to pull it into a ponytail when need it.

  • Curly or Straight - Since her hair is naturally with a lot of body, she can change her look from straight to some awesome fun curls too!

  • Back (Neck) - Softly tapered for a feminine yet smart look.

Thank You Kait! From Vintage Sky Salon ~ 60 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL ~ 407.456. 3239


  1. Foundation/Corrector - Her face looks flawless and even.

  2. Eyebrows - Filling the eyebrows makes you look younger.

  3. Cheeks - A "pop of color" adds a natural and healthy glow.

  4. Eyes - Two eyeshadows for her eyelids and a third eyeshadow used as eyeliner.

  5. Lip Color - A "pop of color" on the lips to bring out the beautiful smile.


Diet - Liz is transitioning into a healthier diet not only for herself but also her entire family. She is including plenty of vegetables, less high carbs and sugars. Of course, lots of water.
Exercise - She hired a trainer to help her eliminate the "baby fat" left from her pregnancy with Laura. She is now taking daily walks with her children and sharing playdates with other moms.

Learn more about Liz's makeup routine.