Your words can change your day! One simple prayer or declaration can empower you; it will activate your faith.

Don't give up. Continue moving forward. You will see God's help as you go about your day. Today will be a good day. Speak up, be loud these words:


"I'm going out there trusting You. Help me see how big and deep your love is for me. Show me more of who You are... and who I am in You. Surprise me with your love.

I open my mind and heart to receive all that you have for me today. It's going to be a great day!

I am ready for action! My mind, will and emotions are totally submitted to you. I'm ready... through you, I can do anything!

I give You permission to work Your plans and purpose through me.

Expand my mind to think the unthinkable. Help me plan wisely and make wise decisions. Today I will achieve things far greater than I can think.

Help me understand that life is short and my days have a purpose. Give me the instructions that I need. Help me to do all I must do today. In Jesus' Name! Amen"

Today is a good day. I take on this day with confidence, I know it will turn out AMAZING!

In Jesus' Name. It will be.

Ephesians 3:16-21 – Versions:  NLT and MSG

Psalm 90:12 AMP

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