Meet Catherine, my sister’s life coach. Catherine is the founder of Total Life 180. She provides coaching programs with training tools and resources. She loves to help people reach their full potential according to God's original intention.

When I met Catherine, she asked me what my focus was, I said: 'To inspire and empower women to discover who they really are, who they are in Christ. I want women to not only to live God's purpose for their lives but to find their beauty and express it in a way that translates to the particular season of their life. I love makeovers!’

The more we talked, we realized we had a lot in common. We talked about inspiring and helping women. We agreed that our physical appearance is crucial and should stay up-to-date, connected to our purpose and assignments.

I mentioned the area on my website 'Be Chic' as I presented Catherine with a challenge. A makeover challenge!


I want women to look their best, especially us followers of Jesus. I want women to represent God well out in the world.

There is always room for improvement. As you will see below, Catherine went for a full makeover, hair, makeup and wardrobe change. You will love it! Take a look.


  • Hair Cut - A short modern classic.

  • Highlights - For a sense of movement and fun!

  • Bangs - Perfect for her oval almost long face shape.

  • Short Sides - Since she is always tucking her hair behind her ears.

  • Back (Neck) - Softly tapered for a feminine yet smart look.

Her new short hair keeps her looking polished with an easy to manage style. We stayed very close to her natural hair color, yet made sure to cover all the gray hair. The main ingredient was adding highlights to bring a sense of movement and fun - reflecting in her what she wants to bring to the women she helps; moving forward in the original purpose God has for them.

Her goal is to let her hair grow long eventually, but for now, she will enjoy her new look. We speak a blessing on her new adventure of purpose and her ministry launch and expansion.

Thank You Rosa! From Bonne Vie Salon - 157 E Morse Boulevard, Winter Park, FL 32789 ~ 407.875.2525 / 407.484.0027 cel



  • Foundation - Makes her face even, flawless and radiant.

  • Eyebrows - Filling the eyebrows can make you look younger.

  • Cheeks - A natural and healthy glow.

  • Eyes - Two eyeshadows with a touch of blended eyeliner.

  • Lip Color - A pop of color on the lips to bring out the beautiful smile.



  • Pre-Makeup - Catherine is keeping a healthier diet that includes plenty of vegetables, lots of water; and less high carbs and sugars. As you can see her skin is healthier and clearer.

  • Exercise - We give thanks to her husband, whom I met recently and told me he is also contributing to her reinventing process as her personal trainer. She is hitting the gym more often!

10+ Minutes Makeup Routine

Learn how to do Catherine's look. See video makeup tutorial.

How do you like Catherine’s makeover? Did it leave you inspired? Are you ready to find your beauty and express it with a style that translates to the particular season of your life?

Now it’s your turn. Go for it!

Thank You Catherine! You are an amazing woman.
Love you girlfriend,