I Am   Resurrected  !

I Am Resurrected!

No matter how you may feel right now, the truth is that Jesus died and was resurrected to break the power of sin over you. Jesus made possible for us have a relationship with God, the Father all over again; and to have an amazing (abundant - prosperous) life. His resurrection changed everything for us who believe!

The real you is spiritual. His resurrection caused the old you to become a new creation: a New You. Your life is under new management. The New You lives by faith, “in Him” and “through Him.” The New You with His resurrection power is mighty. If you are anything like me, you may ask yourself, why is it that I don't always feel mighty, powerful, and alive?

Do you feel alive? Are you prosperous? Do you think, speak and act with power? If you don’t, there may be some truths that you are not aware of... you may have some "dust bunnies" to clean out of your life.

Maybe you can’t tell your feelings how to feel! Or break that attitude or habit… At least not yet, but you will. That’s where the need for resurrection power comes in! It's the kind of power we need to change... ourselves, and circumstances.


Although there're a lot of great scriptures that talk about Jesus' resurrection and power... I had to ask God about it myself. He gave me an answer that radically changed my life - a total eye-opener for me. I even took a photo for you to see where I marked His answer in my Bible. I think you might end up wanting to mark it in your Bible too! I assure you, you will need a reminder from time to time of the kind of resurrection power that lives in you. Here is the verse:

Maybe you can’t tell your feelings how to feel! Or break that attitude or habit… At least not yet, but you will. That’s where the need for resurrection power comes in! It's the kind of power we need to change... ourselves, and circumstances.

And [as to His divine nature] according to the Spirit of holiness was openly designated the Son of God in power [in a striking, triumphant and miraculous manner] by His resurrection from the dead, even Jesus Christ our Lord (the Messiah, the Anointed One).
— Romans 1:4 AMPC


 Striking Triumphant Miraculous

His resurrection power involves three remarkable things. … in a striking, triumphant and miraculous manner… That’s the kind of power you need, trust me!


1. Striking Resurrection Power!

I don’t mean to bore you with definition, but without a few definitions, it would be very hard for me to validate how important it is for you to know that you have resurrection power. Here is the definition of Striking:

  • Attractive, impressive, noticeable; conspicuous. [1]
  • Capable of attacking an enemy, especially by air. [1]
  • Within the extent of space through which it is possible to attack a target effectively. [1]
Jesus gave you Striking Power!

God’s power is impressive and attractive. When it is activated in you, it is noticeable. The way you go about doing things is different (conspicuous). Your attitude, talk, and actions attract people towards God.

Yes! When Jesus was resurrected, the power of sin was broken. Do you know what that means? When you received Jesus in your heart, you also received His resurrection power. His power strikes from within you. You can and will destroy any sin, habit, addiction, mood swing and every evil thing working in you or coming against you with that power. Girl ‘You’ve got the power!’ The striking power to target effectively, attack and win!

BUNNIES OUT! It's time to strike! Use your weapons! You’ve got striking power inside of you. Dust those bunnies off… get rid of any doubts. Speak up, declare the Word of God over the situations … believe what God says about you. The truth will set you free. Believe you are resurrected, powerful, and mighty and see God’s power change you, and work through you.

2. Triumphant Resurrection Power!

Here is the definition of Triumphant:

  • Having achieved victory or success, victorious, successful. [2]
  • Exulting over victory, rejoicing over success, exultant. [2]
Jesus gave you Triumphant Power!

If you noticed, the whole definition is in the past tense. This triumphant power has been already achieved. He did it! You are victorious, successful, righteous (made right with God) through His resurrection now. When He said, “It is finished,” He meant it. See, what you need and are asking for you already have – it’s all already provided for you. Your healing took place then, at the Cross - and with His resurrection. Isaiah 53:5 said it best before it ever happened: “…by His stripes you are healed.” After it happened, 1 Peter 2:24 says: “By His stripes, you were healed.”

BUNNIES OUT! It's time to believe that what God says you are… you are! What He said you have… you already have. Pause and think about that! Get happy! The more you realize what Jesus already did for you; the more secure “in Him” you will feel. Dust those bunnies off … get rid of any fear or insecurity. Meditate on God’s perfect love, be a good receiver of His grace and goodness. Take your position; take back what’s rightfully yours!

3. Miraculous Resurrection Power!

Here is the definition of Miraculous:

  • Performed by or involving a supernatural power or agency. [3] 
Jesus gave you Miraculous Power!

Of course, if God is involved, the supernatural is involved! The New You has a ‘divine nature.’ It’s more super than natural. I think you get it by now - we don’t do it on our effort alone. Remember, the life you live now; you live by faith. Your faith is what activates the resurrection power in you. You become God’s partner. The impossible becomes possible; that’s the miraculous type of power we're talking about.

BUNNIES OUT! It's time to live a powerful life and see supernatural things happen. That has nothing to do with how you feel! You've got to believe. You are resurrected, restored, restituted and redeemed. Dust those bunnies off. Let's get rid of any dead stuff in your life, dead relationships, deadly thoughts, and feelings, deadly attitudes, etc.


“God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they are," [4] is bringing new life to any of your "dead" dreams. Activate your faith! It's time to bring those dreams to life, to make them possible! Do you feel like you need faith? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. [5] Girl, get on that bible; learn to think the way God thinks. God thinks big… with Him all things are possible!

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Ephesians 1:19 - The same power that lives in Christ, lives in us too!

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