It doesn't have to be spring to start your closet rehab. But since Spring is already here, why not go for spring closet cleaning. I know, it’s the word “cleaning”… Unless you are one of those amazingly organized, aggressive get-it-done right now kind of women, this subject is not in your quick reference list. I’ve got good news!

Meet ED, your new best friend. He will not only put some springs in your feet, but you will be able (if you want!) to take this chic advice and use it throughout the year. Next time spring cleaning comes around or your closet gets out-of-hand, ED will be your hero!

Ok! It's time for a rehab. Carry on! New season, let's take charge of our closet.

  1. Take a closet selfie. I love before and after photos because they show record progress and well, it’s one good way to visually recall an awesome accomplishment. Yes! Feel free to take more than one photo.

  2. Clear out everything out of the closet. Everything! That includes furniture too. You can pile all on top of your bed. Leave some space, an area on the bed and floor for sorting things out. Think of it as making closet space to see the real space you really have available.


  1. Clean, dust, disinfect (environment safe product if possible!) and pick up any trash or debris. Sweep – Mop – Vacuum!

  2. Look for and/or eliminate any stains, spots, mildew (any nasty stuff!) you can find; don't forget the deep edges and corners. Congratulations! This concludes the “heavy cleaning” of your closet spring cleaning.

  3. Refresh/Resurface: Refresh the paint or wall surface. Stay with light neutral colors so you they don't later interact with the shades and tonalities of your wardrobe. Looking to try something new? How about resurface your closet walls with cedar or something like that?

  4. Lighting: You've got to be able to see and find what to wear! This might be the moment to check on more efficient bulbs (even battery operated lights help!). Maybe now is the time for that small cute chandelier you always wanted or the bench seat to put your shoes on… Why not add a glammy, girly or princessy feel to it? After all, you will visit this place at least once a day.



Let’s ED: EDIT! ED is going to make things easier for you. It's time to declutter, sort, classify, categorize and organize to make some space for the New You.



Before choosing in which pile an item goes... you need to try it on!

1. Stay or Keep Pile [S/K] – This pile includes everything that does fit, that you really like and you really need. Some of the things that your really need might need a more suitable replacement, until then, we keep these (but add these kind of items to your wish list). Keep a pen and paper close by!

Here are some things you may wish to keep:

  • Any pieces that it will never go out of style.

  • Any out-of-trend pieces you absolutely loved and think will be brought back in style.

  • Any pieces - if you are serious about getting back into that smaller clothes size in the next three months.

think this is the hardest pile to embrace – but you can do it. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. A good down-to-earth friend that can also help in your decision-making! Try to prioritize based on space.

2. Swap or Exchange Pile [S/E] – These are items you can exchange with someone else. They use your same size clothes and perhaps the styles or trends you do. It's a win-win! You can do this with sisters, friends, etc. Nowadays you can find websites that are doing this (strange, yet smart!).

3. Sell or Consign Pile [S/C] – There are many places in your area where you can take your clothes, shoes and accessories to be sold. Especially those good items that don't fit anymore or that you bought on a costly impulse.

4. Donate or Giveaway Pile [D/G] – These are the pieces that will go to your local church, missionary trips or charities. Don't donate pieces that are stained, ripped or in bad shape, please throw them away.

5. Repair or Clean Pile [R/C] – These are pieces that need repair/restoration (like zippers, hems, etc.) or items that need to be cleaned (professionally) before using or storing them away. Don't forget the soles + heels (winter/fall shoes, boots) to be cleaned and polished, ready to be used when those seasons come back around.

6. Store/Put Away Pile [S/PA] – This pile includes out-of-season item, in this case, the winter stuff! Also, put away anything that you are not willing to let go (and for a valid cause) of nostalgic/sentimental reasons, e.g. your prom queen dress (if you still feel the need!). Look into the quality and appearance of each piece. Separate the clothes from the shoes and leave the accessories for last.



Get the piles ready-to-go. Label the bags or boxes, get them out of the way and out of the house.

  1. Call your church; ask for groups who might be in need of your goods. Example: Single Moms groups, missionary trip coming up, etc. or take a ride to your nearest Goodwill store. Don't forget, you can get a tax writeoff!

  2. Take your pieces that need professional cleaning right away. Add in your schedule the pick up date and time. Wash/dry what you can do at home. Take shoes to be cleaned and/or repaired. A seamstress is an important part of you wardrobe necessities, they not only do repairs but they make sure you pieces of clothes fit you perfect.

  3. Get the info! Research your area for stores/consignment boutiques. Find the rules, policies, dollar and percentages rates for the pieces once they are sold. Also, when do they have a price change and by when will the contract end? Don't forget Amazon and eBay, etc. if you are familiar with these.

  4. Schedule your swap/exchange event. Set a date, time and place. Get the items nice and ready. Make your presentation worthwhile, this might not be the only time during the year you will be doing some exchanges, so make it worthy for them to join in with you.

  5. Find other resources. Try online, too!



Find the right place to store: under the bed, a spare closet, trunks or even the attic. Look out for humid or moisture presence. Keep in mind that this storage area might be revisited in a near future season. Fold, roll and condense the items as much as you can.

Suggestions: Crates, totes, boxes or storage/resealable plastic bags are probably your best choices. Look for good seal-tight products. Under-the-bed crates are awesome if you have the space available. Thin and layered hangers make for extra hanging space. I prefer the Container Store, Walmart and even Dollar General have sustainable and reasonable organizing options, too.


Can you tell how ED is an asset to your life and closet? Editing not only brings order and clarity into the spring cleaning process, it also a great advantage when going out shopping…  Shopping! Well's leave that for another day.

Love you 💝


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