Last week one of my nieces got married. One of the surprises for her bridal shower included a Bridal Book (like a scrapbook). We (the aunts, grandmothers, friends, etc.) were asked to write our thoughts or 'words of wisdom' for the soon-to-be bride.

It turned out to be an awesome refresher/reminder for me. Although I won’t disclose all the things that I wrote in my letter… I would love to share a short version of what I wrote for her bridal shower with you wives and wives-to-be out there.

10 refreshers for wives and wives-to-be!

1. A wife is a queen. We can steer our 'kingdom' (home) into greatness. We have an incredible role to carry on - with new commitments and duties every day.

2. Your attitude and words have power! See Proverbs 18:21. Don’t let them interfere with your marriage or your future. Guard what you say, think before you talk or react!

3. Take care of yourself… that means to stay connected spiritually with Papa (God) all the time. Stay beautiful not only on the inside but also on the outside. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Stay healthy (in good physical shape), look good, smell good and take the time to rest.

4. The succession of command goes God (1st), your husband (2nd), you (3rd), kids (4th) and everything else after! It works!

5. Stay humble! It works every time.


6. Sometimes we need to be our husband's girlfriend, other times his best friend, most times his lover and always his wife.

7. Always think the best of him (our husbands that is!) We all have faults… I try to focus on the things that are lovely, pure, joyful and adventurous… 
When I need a good reminder, my go-to is 1 Corinthians 13.

8. We don’t need to respond (give out our opinion, solution or suggestion) every time! Think of staying quiet much more than what you think.

9. Whatever you allow him (your hubby!) at the beginning of the relationship will be expected throughout the years to come.
       e.g. If you don’t want him to leave the socks in the middle of the living room, now is the time to tell him.
       Oh! If you have been married for a while now... well! Get lovingly creative about it and tell him.

10. Marriage, as you might have heard is hard work. It's true! So, let us keep up the good work!


Weddings and Marriage are some of God’s favorite things! He calls Himself The Groom and calls us His Bride.

We could look at us, the Church and say, 'Wow, how can we be so messed up and yet God still loves us?' Thank goodness that God sees us through His Blood, perfect and white as snow! That is how much He loves us. Awesome!

XO, Christina