I needed to know God’s will in a situation! I received a word that prepared me and confirmed a life change. It was a prophetic word, one of the gifts of the Spirit.

Before I give you the details of what happened, let me tell you quickly about what a prophetic word is, and why it relates to you.

We all need encouragement, direction and to be certain of God’s will for our lives. I think you already know that!

God provided the gift of prophecy and prophetic words to help us (especially His followers) in our daily life.


This gift of the Holy Spirit gives you the supernatural power to declare or confirm God's will. It is a supernatural disclosure, a sudden spirit inspired insight that brings counsel, encouragement, exhortation, clarification to edify you and/or the body of Christ.

  • Be mighty! Know who you are, know what God says about you! He said: “You can prophesy and encourage!” (See 1 Corinthians 14: 31). The New You (saved + transformed) can and should prophesy and encourage yourself and others.


I was working at a restaurant while living in Los Angeles, California. A sudden change of outlook led me to ask God if He had new plans for me (that’s a friend talking to a friend!).

Praying got more focused on the possibility of a new direction for my life. I was on "alert mode" while studying the bible. I was also paying attention to any other way God could provide a confirmation.
Some days later, I ran into my friend Louis and his wife; we had not seen each other in a while. I was telling them how things seem different and I wasn’t quite sure why. We gathered together and prayed.

As we were praying in the spirit (speaking in tongues) Louis got a revelation from God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

He not only got a word from God but he also took out all the quarters he had in his pocket and (literally) threw them on the floor.

He said “Walk over the change that is coming to you right now!” I walked (literally) over the coins that he threw on the floor.

When I picked them up, he said to keep them as an encouragement and reminder of the prophetic word.
Two weeks later, right before taking my vacation, my boss told me he had an offer and was contemplating on selling the restaurant.

At that time, I was the general manager, which meant I was not necessarily going to keep my job since a new set of managers were coming in with the new owners.
Shortly thereafter, another interesting thing happened. One of my sisters (who lived in Florida) called me. She spoke of her need for someone to help her for a few months.

As she was giving me the details I knew it was me who she needed! Change was coming, change was here and in a matter of weeks I was on to my next assignment!

It all worked out really well. Let me tell you, when God sends you, He provides!
I want to show you with this particular story of my life how a prophetic word could be accompanied with an instruction or action like in this case.

There was a literal correlation between the coins (quarters) and the word change that was familiar to me.

  • My sudden change of perception.

  • My sudden job uncertainty.

  • The phone call from my sister.

  • God using Louis with a timely word (and the quarters in his pocket) showed me that change was coming.

These four things and others not mentioned in the story (it would be too long to write!) served as the confirmations I needed. God uses different ways to speak to us and to confirm what He wants us to do.

Needless to say, in the middle of the decision making, I was super encouraged! That prophetic word helped me go through the transition with more confidence and ease. 

See, God is very interested in everything (big and small!) in your life.

I have also given a prophetic word to someone else, have you? Maybe it is time for you to look into His gifts.

These gifts are part of finding your purpose and the assignments God has for you.

God placed these supernatural gifts in you to be used when they are needed.

You will start to see God and yourself in a different “light” when you use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We need these to be effective in doing the work for His Kingdom.

You are a light to this world - flow in the gifts to bring glory to God.


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