This past Saturday was my dad’s Birthday! Wow! He turned 80. We had a blast! Many people flew in for the event. Nothing like a big family and friends all in one place having fun and celebrating such an amazing man. We danced, we ate and at the last part of the night we showed a video where I had interviewed some of our family members with some interesting questions about my dad.

I was thinking about what happened this weekend and the reactions of the people as they heard the answers to the questions. The answers and feelings shown were quite strong. It made me think about my dad’s life and all the things he has done, and how he has impacted many around him.


The quest of “finding purpose” leads into the question of how can I impact others? Helping others is a super important part of it! So, here is the question I’m asking myself and asking you… Who are you influencing right now? Who, how, why are you helping them? What things can you do, think, or dream about that could help someone else? The way you can help (because of your skills, talents and abilities) or you choose to help, can connect you to finding your purpose.

Sometimes the best way is to plain ask! Do you need help? How can I help you? Ask! You will be surprised how many people need a hand on something, and your help can make their life better and easier. I find a lot of times that what someone else needs help with; it is hard for them, but easy for me to do.

Sometimes asking is the way to go, yet other times it is better just to do! A lot of people don’t want to bother you or me with their problems or difficulties. Take the lead and start to help them. Most of the time you can show how much you appreciate them with being and actually doing something for them. To do shows more than to say!

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”
- Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery

One more thing! When you help someone… finish what you started. Whatever you promised to do, do it all the way! A win-win for all! While you discover your purpose someone is getting help. Helping others is a key to finding your purpose and a blessing to others while you do. Be happy, help others!


Leave a comment! Tell us how you are impacting others and helping them!

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