Giving makes me happy! It’s a road to thankfulness and gratitude. I admit that's one of the reasons I love Christmas and birthdays.

When I give, I feel like a cheerleader and a the cheer giver who won a heart and found a way to express gratitude. I made someone happy, it makes me happy, it makes God even happier!

If you know anything about God, you would know He is a Lover and a Giver. O boy, is He a giver? He gave His only Son Jesus to die for us so we can have and celebrate a new life.

Giving makes us feel good. We are grateful when we actually have something to offer. We are thankful to be able to participate in making someone else’s situation or moment in life better.

Isn't it super to put a smile on a face? When we help, we give others something to be thankful for… and to cheer about!

Giving is exciting since it is like “sowing a seed.” Someone (the receiver of your gift) is getting the benefit now, you (the giver in this case) are getting a benefit now (is very rewarding to give-help), but you will also benefit from it later.

What do I mean by "you will benefit later”? Well, most likely you didn’t give or help to get something in return. Yet, God’s Word includes a few concepts about giving ... like “If you sow, you will reap!” and "You reap what you sow." That indicates that when you give, you receive ... and guess what? When we give little, we should not be surprised if we receive little. The same goes for when we give a lot, we get back a lot.

Giving is big in God's eyes. “… God loves it when the giver delights in giving.” See 2 Corinthians 9:6 -7 How awesome is that. He delights in you, in me, everytime we give. Keep it up!

Help—Give! Keep it up.

God is fascinated with cheer givers, those who love to give and help without a grudge, complaint or resentment.

I like it when I think of God being fascinated with me, don’t you? The God who created the universe, who also created me - and in His image is fascinated with you, with me. WOW!

God made us with purpose and on purpose. He made us to be givers. We were created to bring hope and make this world a better place. He is a giver, He wants to show Who He is through us.

Help—Give! Be a giver. Be a Cheerleader and Cheer-giver!

X0, Christina