1. She is Defined and Established.
Definition of businesswoman: A woman who works and is good at dealing with business and financial matters.*

  • God's purpose defines her work in life.
  • And let the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord our God be upon us; confirm and establish the work of our hands—yes, the work of our hands, confirm and establish it. Psalm 90:17 AMP

2. She deals Excellent.

  • She makes wise use of her time and resources.
  • Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men, Colossians 3:23 AMP.
"Being Excellent is to do the best you can with what you have.”
- Christina Cento

3.   Her attitude Influences environments and others.

  • She can change her own--others' mood or situation with the way she acts and speaks.
  • She is strong and delightful
  • She has a fabulous genuine smile.
"Smile and the world will smile with you."  - Nat King Cole

4. She is an Ambassador of Christ and Looks like it!

  • Her physical expression matches with her calling and purpose.
  • A "Pop of Color" - She is radiant and glowy from the inside out.

5. She is to Be Celebrated by us businesswomen, and the rest of the world. God celebrates her!

  • Don't let your own insecurities, envy or jealousy taint your image and love for a woman or businesswoman.
  • Don't let competition or pride damage the great relationships God has put (and will put) in your life.
  • God embraces and celebrates  businesswomen, I hope you too!
Celebrate all she has achieved. Let all her accomplishments publicly praise her.
Prov 31:31 VOICE

Did you know that the very first Business Women's Day was in 1982! It all started September 22, 1949 with three business women who founded the American Business Women's Association  (ABWA).

See you soon,