Teach us to realize how short our lives are, to take seriously to find our purpose.
— From Psalm 90:12 NIRV


To live with purpose we need wisdom. To find wisdom we need God! God has an awesome plan for your life! He gave us skills, talents, gifts and abilities that propel us to do great and mighty things for His Kingdom.

Your purpose is connected to God’s purpose.

Your purpose is your reason for "being," it has already been assigned to you. You were especially designed. Life is short! It's time to live our purpose and do what God has called us to do.




  • Finding your purpose is like pressing the activate button. The more you understand your reason for living, your life becomes more exciting. Your purpose will promote and propel you towards God’s original plan for you. God's purpose for your life will inspire and motivate you to be transformed and prepared to move you into your next season. It's time to take action!


  • Your specific skills, talents, gifts and abilities give you the ability to help others and further God's Kingdom. Knowing God's purpose for your life will ignite your passion and inspire your vision. That vision will provoke a plan of action with strategies to meet timely, specific goals.

  • You were made for special assignments - to be and do great and mighty things in a unique way. Your ultimate purpose is to glorify God.

Start by having a relationship with God, this is the most important (start here!) Then, discover, develop and use your

1. God-given Skill and Talents. 2. Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. 3. Your Purpose and Assignments.





“She can really sing!” “He is a great manager!” “She is an amazing hairdresser!” “They won the Olympics this year!” It is amazing to see what is accomplished when we discoverdevelop, and use our skills and talents. 

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To discover, develop and use your natural skills and talents is awesome! But, when it comes to the spiritual; it’s even more extraordinary. Spiritual gifts and abilities are about being more super than natural. Gifts and Abilities are not only spiritual but they are supernatural.

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You are prequalified (with skills-talents-gifts-abilities) and chosen by God to go on assignments for Him because He knows that there is nothing too hard or too big for Him to do through you. Only you can do (in a unique way) what you are made and called to do.

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