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[Re]discover and [re]create yourself as-needed or in a continual basis to remain a New You.
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Dare to be chic and get ready for a challenge. Make a change in your life and style. It's time to meet the best version of you. 

Get ready, God has an amazing purpose and great opportunities coming up for you. We made simple your preparation! Choose a makeup routine, take a test and download your P.A. now! 


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Makeup is one of those things (if applied correctly) that can make you look radiant, healthy and even younger. It can change the way you look drastically. Having a basic knowledge of your face features, skin type and skin tone will help you succeed in looking your best. Learn how to make makeup simple, practical and fun...


Know your colors! Find out if your are cool or warm? This short test will give you a basic knowledge of what colors would best suit your skin tone and hair color. Click the black button below: 

Know your colors! Find out if you are cool or warm? This short test will give you a basic knowledge of what colors to choose that will best suit your skin tone

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* 90 Days Approximately! It references the"actual" season of the year at the time of joining: Example "Fall".
You can join the DARE TO BE CHIC ON-SEASON CHALLENGE at any time regardless if the season already started.


As a mighty woman of God you are called to be an ambassador of Christ wherever you go! Do you look like one? We want you to represent Jesus out in the world looking your best. A makeover is part of the process of finding your beauty and transforming your outward appearance.

are to be chic! Dare to look your best. God made you awesome. Be ready – on purpose for the amazing opportunities that God has for you. It's time to meet the best version of you.