Beauty Guide to Spiritual Lips is all about "When to say it!” "How to say it!” "What to say!" and"Why are you saying it!”


BGSL is about not letting your mouth get you into trouble and allowing the Spirit of God (The Holy Spirit) transform you from the inside out forever.

Learning how to be wise, prudent and discreet is not “frilly” stuff – it’s essential to being an ambassador of Christ. It is also part of the arsenal of weapons used by mighty women.


It is about being wise and discreet…What I say, how I say it, and when I say things. 

Beauty, true beauty, to be lasting comes from the inside out and is accompanied by Wisdom.
Wisdom makes you humble, which in turn makes you teachable and available to learn. 
Wisdom also gives you revelation, so you can have and be more understanding.

Getting prompted when to talk and when to stop!
When my talking starts to create issues = is time to do some renewing of the mind.
Is like refreshing my lip color or gloss after being worn out!

The wiser we get, the more beautiful we are...
A beautiful woman is prudent and becoming.

The RED LIPS [see drawing] is my reminder of the road I'm on... 
A road and adventure of a cautious, sensible and discreet woman. 

Come along on this beauty road... Let's talk about it! 
Accountability to one of the best things that helps us make headways. 
Doing it alone is no fun!

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