Natural - Skills + Talents
She can really sing! He is a great manager! She is an amazing hairdresser! They won the Olympics this year! That man can preach! It is amazing to see what is accomplished when we discover, develop, and deploy (use) our skills and talents at full capacity.

Spiritual - Gifts + Abilities
To discover, develop and deploy (use) your natural skills and talents is awesome! But, let me tell you, I think when it comes to the spiritual; it’s even more extraordinary. It is about being more super than natural. Gifts and Abilities are not only spiritual but also supernatural.

Purpose - God-Assignments
Can I tell you? You have been chosen, you are already pre-qualified to be part and do God’s plan and purpose. It’s your destiny; there is nothing too hard or too big for God to do through you. God's purpose for your life (your purpose) will inspire a vision and a mission!