Look flawless fast!

This makeup routine has maximum results in minimum time. Is applied quickly, strategically and extremely fast, creating an awesome, simple, natural look. 

Oh! Don't feel you need to use all products in this guide. Feel free to use more that these if you like!

Add or take out depending on your individual daily needs.

Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation
Tinted Moisturizers are great because usually they are an all-in-one ready to use moisturizer with SPF and a hint of color that gives a more even and healthy glow to the skin. Some of them even include a primer or pore minimizer as a bonus.

  • Depending on how much coverage you need, a tinted moisturizer may be your best bet. If you need more coverage, then go for a foundation that already has SPF. As you already know, always use moisturizer on a daily basis (See Pre-Makeup).

Concealer is optional for eyes with no dark circles. Add a little bit of highlighter for extra glow and brightness under the eyes, otherwise use a corrector to minimize dark circles.

Blush + Lips
Using a same product for your cheeks and lips is a convenient way to move faster through this quick makeup routine. Many companies are doing lip colors that are suitable for the cheeks and even for the eyelids. 

  • For a more glowy-bronzed healthy look, use the bronzer as your blush and also as a touch of eye shadow. Leave the shimmers for night makeup or to complement an amazing suntan. Then add your separate lip balm or lip color.

Eye Liner (Optional)
Many women are used to wearing eyeliner. If this is an integral part of your look, by all means, bring on the line! Caution: Eyeliner used only on the bottom lashes can make you look unnatural and tired. Balance is key. 

  • If you decide to wear eyeliner, is recommended to use on the upper lashes or both, upper and lower lash lines. For a softer natural look (this does not apply to young-looking faces) blend or diffuse harsh lines.

Finishing Powder
Seal your all your cream products with a finishing powder to add longevity to your makeup, especially if you have oily or combination skin. Leave anything with high shimmer for night makeup or to complement an amazing suntan. (Don’t use shimmery or metallic products if you are planning on having photos taken with flash.)

Eyelash Curler + Mascara
Curling your lashes lifts the lashes and opens up your eyes. Mascara draws attention to your eyes and makes your lashes look longer. Applying mascara very close to the root of the lashes makes them look fuller and can resemble the use of eyeliner. 

  • Using two coats of mascara adds even more definition. Rotating the mascara wand allows you to apply the product evenly and efficiently.

Shape Eyebrows
Brush your eyebrows upward and outward. Use a tinted gel for a quick fill and to keep them in place. To create a rich and deep overall appearance fill in the sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil and/or powder brow set, use a gel or clear mascara to set them in place. See Eyebrows.

To help your makeup stay put and last longer throughout the day use long wearing products and/or apply a finishing (fixing) spray.

VIDEO: 5+MINUTES QUICK MAKEUP [videos coming soon!]