Smart Makeup! This makeup routine is intentional and smartly applied, creating an amazing and more energetic yet natural look(s) with just a few more products than the Quick Makeup

[Oh! Don't feel you need to use all products in this guide. Add or take out with your individual daily needs.]

Face Primer + Foundation + Concealer and /or Corrector
Face primer helps your foundation and makeup stay put longer. There are other products to help your skin look smoother without clogging your pores. Primers, pore refiners and matiffiers come for different skin types. If you have acne, blemishes or use skin treatments, a face primer can seal them and make a protective barrier between them and your makeup.

Choosing the right foundation is critical. Consider your skin type, coverage (blemishes, stains and/or discoloration and redness) and shade. It is important to find a shade that matches your face with the neck and somewhat with your hands to make your skin look even, radiant and flawless.

Concealer camouflages dark circles (yellow base), a corrector neutralizes dark undereye circles (peach or pink base) and a highlighter is used for extra glow and brightness.

Shape Eyebrows
Brush your eyebrows upward and outward. To create a rich and deep overall appearance fill in the thin or scarce areas with an eyebrow pencil and/or powder brow set, use brow gel or clear mascara to set them in place. See Eyebrows.

Eyeshadow Primer + Eyeshadows + Eyeliner
Eyeshadow primer prepares the surface of the lid for the eyeshadows, making it receptive, crease free and longer wearing. We use eyeshadow to create effects (light and shadows) to enhance the look of our eyes (See Eye Shapes) and face.

Eyeliner used only on the bottom lashes can make you look unnatural and tired. Balance is key. If you decide to wear eyeliner, is recommended to use on the upper lashes or both, upper and lower lash lines. For a softer natural look always blend or diffuse harsh lines.

Contour + Bronzer + Blush
Use a matte bronzer to mimic a natural suntan. Apply a matte bronzer in the areas that normally the sun would hit on your face. Use contour to define your cheekbones (See Basic Contour) and blush to naturally imitate the natural blushing of your skin and give a healthy glow.

Leave anything with high shimmer or metallic for night makeup and/or to complement an amazing suntan. Don’t use SPF, shimmery or metallic products if you are planning on having photos taken with flash.

Eyelash Curler + Mascara Primer + Mascara
Curl your lashes to lift the lashes and opens up your eyes. Apply the mascara primer to enhance the effect of the mascara (making them thicker + longer) and to prolong its wear.

Mascara helps to draw attention to the eyes. Applying mascara very close to the root of the lashes makes them look fuller. Two coats of mascara adds even more definition, making them look much longer and thicker. Rotating the mascara wand allows you to apply all the product in the wand more efficiently.

Finishing Powder + Finishing Spray
Seal all your products with a finishing powder (best if colourless or translucent) to add longevity to your makeup, especially if you have oily or combination skin. Leave the high shimmers or metallics for the night makeup. (Don’t use shimmery or metallic products if you are planning on having photos taken with flash.)

To help your makeup stay put and last longer throughout the day use long wearing products and/or apply a finishing (fixing) spray.

Lip Primer + Lip Liner + Lip Color
Lip primer prepares the lips, making them smooth and ready for other lip products to last longer and stay in place as much as possible. The lip liner defines the shape of your lips. To finish the look, choose a lip color(s) like: lipsticks, glosses, tints, plumpers, stains, etc.

VIDEO: 10+MINUTES SMART MAKEUP [new videos coming soon!]